for Chad Kroeger

Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Hello Chad! I decided to turn to you with the request because it is very much love my wife , but unfortunately she loves another man who does not нужна.ваша group gives a concert on October 25 in Moscow I bought the tickets and go with his beloved wife, could you, during a speech to dedicate a song to her just to say that a song is dedicated to the woman who is the angel for your loved one she would understand , and suddenly a miracle happens and she will believe how much I love him. if you will not be able to do is not destiny will try to further her win and вернуть. it your a fan and for her, it will be a great gift , and I just really help . unfortunately I am bad speak English better understand so I had to translate through translator sorry for the error and still you have a lot of songs about love and not a simple love I hope you all of me поймете.спасибо for spent time Ilya from Russia.

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