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Nickelback - Vinyl / LP? Please support this thread

Sun, May 5, 2013 at 8:07 AM

4 albums are released on vinyl so far.
- The State
- Silver Side Up
- Dark Horse
- Here and Now

The 2 latter may still be found as new in shops/webshops at the time of writing this.
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Nickelback is released under Road Runner Records Label. The Vinyl production of Nickelback are all performed by the Holland Subsidiary - Road Runner Records Holland. They were recently bought up by Warner Music Benelux. This may be due to a higher vinyl demand in Europe.

I have 3 LPs today and looking around for Silver Side Up. I have requested a release of; "The Curb", "The Long Road" and "All the Right Reasons" at Road Runner, Warner Music and directly to Nickelback. It may have an effect, it may not.

About the media. All released LPs are Black Vinyl in nice quality heavy 180gr. No material is cut down in playback time due to Vinyl limitations, so all content is as on CD or streaming services. Sound quality is very good. On top Grunge and Post Grunge are perfect for Turntable Playback. The sound goes very well in hand with old style playback.

Nickel on the Wall .... Please concider that Nickelback on vinyl is extremely rare and hard to find. The few copies out there, will over time increase it's value significantly for collectors. Exposing your cover on the wall will expose a piece of of art to sun and UV. Day by day your record will fade and deteriorate. It will loose its value for you and a future owner.

I have added images here:
Dark Horse: Your text to link here...
Here and Now: Your text to link here...

Please support this thread, and maybe we will see The Curb, The Long Road and All the Right Reasons in this fantastic media one day ...

Best regards Henrik

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  1. Re: Nickelback - Vinyl / LP? Please support this thread

    Sat, May 18, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    Still have my old turntable. Wow. I didn't know these were released in this format! Thanks.
    Jane Brackrog
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