Nickelback In Alabama

Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 7:11 AM

2 Years ago Nickelback came to the Verizon Wireles Ampitheater near Birmingham Alabama. The day of the concert, we were turned away and told that there was rain in the forecast and the concert would be rescheduled the very next day. We drove back to the house and not a drop of rain fell the rest of the day and evening.

The very next day was like a monsoon. There were 4 bands scheduled to perform and the rain fell through three of the acts. These bands played maybe 5 songs at best and everyone wa wet and cold. It would be almost 3 hours before Nickelback took the stage and fortunately the rain had stopped when they started playing. As with the other acts that performed, Nickelback played a limited set and they were offstage an hour after they took it.

What I seen of that show was great but felt disappointed that I could not get to see this awesome band without the hinderence of rain, or of being cold, or of being completely sober as all the beer funds were used up in the prior nights expected show.

With that said and looking at the current schedule for the band, I see no Alabama date and I feel Chad and the boys kinda owe their fans in Alabama a chance to see them again. There were many dedicated fans who came out that evening and alot were sent home shivering, wet and anticipating the next time Nickelback would come to town.

Chad, Mike, Ryan and Daniel - Please include Alabama in your 2012 Tour as we all miss you and would like to see the band under better - dryer conditions.

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