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Hello everyone!! What an honor it is to create the first thread for this section! And it's great to start us off with my other favorite band, Dommin. They are also on Roadrunner Records and they ROCK. I've seen them live three times, and I've been blown away everytime. They're relatively small at the moment, but they beyond have the potential to be something bigger. They play what their lead singer, Kristofer Dommin, likes to call 'Dark rock'. Empowering, angsty lyrics that inspire growth, with a dark undertone, make up their first release called Love Is Gone. It's a great album from beginning to end, the instrumentals that lead into some of the tracks are amazing. They are currently demoing songs that will potentially make up their next CD, which I cannot wait for. I can't wait for them to get into the studio to make an epic follow up to Love Is Gone.

If you haven't checked them out yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do!! If you like darker tones to rock music, you WON'T be disappointed.

Check out their website at:

Also, if you'd like, you can follow their lead singer on Twitter:
And send a follow request to their keyboardist:

Again, please please check them out, at least give them a chance. They are a fantastic, very down to earth band. They are such genuine, sweet people. If you ever get to meet them in person, from my own experiences, it's a wonderful opportunity!!

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