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Which auidioblog or...

Started 2 months ago by 2006ForLife
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Nickelback in Portugal

Started 5 months ago by Nunes4 NICKELBACK
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Re: Nickelback in...

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Timmy has an official...

Started 8 months ago by Marika Rocks
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If you had the chance to...

Started 19 months ago by aussiefan
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Re: If you had the...

Last post 8 months ago by IliyaVasiliev

who's your Favourite band...

Started 2 years ago by aussiefan
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Re: who's your...

Last post 8 months ago by gisella

top 5

Started 20 months ago by nickelbackis#1
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Re: top 5

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Worldwide Fans?!

Started 19 months ago by Phil Mack
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Re: Worldwide Fans?!

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In 3 min. The BEST album...

Started 24 months ago by LullabyNB
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Re: In 3 min. The BEST...

Last post 10 months ago by Ikrelath

Underrated Nickelback Songs...

Started 16 months ago by TigerRefuge
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Re: Underrated...

Last post 15 months ago by ROCKcharlieON

brandon kroeger

Started 18 months ago by nickelbackis#1
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Re: brandon kroeger

Last post 16 months ago by ChadRyan

Shoul they re- release...

Started 19 months ago by Nat Holland
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Re: Shoul they re-...

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What's Your Favourite Song...

Started 19 months ago by Nickelback_Fan_Forever
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Re: What's Your...

Last post 18 months ago by Zephyrfire