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Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:23 AM By: Nickelbabe

Today I was wondering about these 9 past years...
When I heard firstly Chad Kroeger's voice I was only 16. I remember crearly that feeling...I had to stop writing my homework, and I just listened him, it was like time's and everything's just stopped.
After all I started to collect their albums and DVD-s, and everything about them.
I live in Middle-East Europe, Hungary. Here NB wasn't as popular than in Wester Europe and North America.
It was such a good feeling, when I can hear them again in the radio. (It was in 2008.)
I thought it's maybe a chance for they give a concert in Budapest in the not too far future.
I always tell my friends that I can't die until I don't go the their concert :)

I like NB's music so's so inspirating. Sometimes it's relaxing, and sometimes i feel this music burns me inside.
Here and now is their best album. LOVE IT (L)

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    On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 12:53 AM, Mrguitar said:

    Men I just felt the same when I first heard them on the radio. I was listening to the radio and then "How you remind me" started to play and I get crazy with that song. Since that day I had became a great fan of them. I love all their song and know all the lyrics and since I got a my guitar I also love playing their songs.
    I also live in a country where NB aren't really popular (Spain) but I have hope that they came to my country and I can see a concert of NB.
    I had to post here cause your story is so much similar to mine that I couldn't aoid doing it.

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