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This is the second!

Thank you for reading my first comes the second.

Music was always a very important part of my life, and in 2006 one of my biggest dream came true, when I got an acoustic guitar. (It was my 20th birthday.)
Previously I liked to sing NB and some other artist's songs, but when I firstly could sang alone with the guitar...I can not tell you feelings which can be similar.
If you perform songs it feels like it'd be more personal. I can feel better every word and notes.

I decided to learn play the guitar when I firstly saw Live At Home DVD in 2002. I saw when Chad and Ryan sang "Mistake" for the huge's like if the audience would be the night sky, because of the lighters...awesome sight:)
It was so inspirating to me...after it didn't matter anything just to learn to play the guitar.

That's what I so grateful for this band...without them maybe I'd deprived myself from this miraculous feeling. Their music always makes me to be better, and now I play in 3 amatour bands :)

I wish you to come true all of your dreams, doesn't matter what people say...the only thing that's important is U R!
Dare to be youself!

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    On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 3:15 AM, Joanne Fortier said:

    Well my inspiration is that my hips are grove to the music.

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