what do i do calling all guys and girls

Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 12:23 PM By: nickelbackis#1

I need some help to decide what to do I am really interested in this girl but I have my two best friends one of them is like a bro to me and I'm like a bro to him but the girl is my other best friend's ex and she doesn't like my bro what do I do? Do I keep my bro or do I go for the girl and if I do go for the girl is there a way to keep my bro?

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    On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 7:32 AM, ChadRyan said:

    =) I know the situation you're in. It's really difficult.
    Well, do you think this girl is worth the possibility that you lose your bro?! Is this girl interested in you?!
    You should make that clear at first!!!
    If she's worth it...well....it's really hard, but not hopeless.
    Would your best friend have a problem with you being together with this girl, his ex? If not, your best friend is no barrier for you and the girl. If yes: I, for one, would consider good friends above girl-/boyfriend.
    You may not lose your bro. I don't really think that it is a problem if your bro and this girl don't like each other. You could spend time with both, so that none of them feels abandoned and try not to make them doing something together in 3 -that's important!!!
    But, I cantell you everything I want, in the end you have to listen to your heart =)=) I know, that sounds a little weird, but that's how it is. You'll know the best thing for you intuitively. Do, what feels right!!!!
    ...hope that may helps....
    Good luck!

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