Let me go

Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 3:53 PM By: MikeHydro

This is literally Off the Wall comment as I just saw Let me go Avril Lavigne Chad Kroeger on a TV screen bluray sound system in ASDA pinned to the wall and had to stand there and watch 52 inches of super video while the shopping waited until the video completed its turn, stunning work of the usual Nickelback standard and so of course I bought the CD after running down any DVD information. In full sound system with thirty screens and a whole shopping warehouse as a sound box it rather outrates my new headphones and HD computer so I may have to move to a barn or warehouse conversion to retain that image portrayed and fill it with best sound equipment? Perhaps Canada would be large enough with the Arctic shield of cold north and a forest to the west to add to the mellow deep sound. Wonderful experience beautiful composition and acting. I shall enjoy the CD, thank you Chad, Nickelback and Avril, great blessing one of the best orchestral music and lyrics on earth. Best wishes Mike

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  1. Let me go

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