Nickelback's Music Part 3

Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 2:40 PM By: AshleyPurdyFan

Have you ever had days where you just can't BREATHE? I have. Or you needed ONE LAST RUN for the night? I want someone to HOLD OUT YOUR HAND for something they want in life. A you WORTHY TO STAY in this life you have chosen? I know I'm NOT LEAVIN' YET 'cause I have too much to live for.Some say that cowboys need a COWBOY HAT to complete the look but it don't matter. I know I'm not a LEADER OF MEN and I know I can't lead. Some say the water is too DEEP but I'm DIGGIN' THIS anyway. I know I'm OLD ENOUGH to be a Nickelback fan! Somtiems people say "Well, THIS MEANS WAR!" Right before a fight.At a party or bar you would say, "BOTTOMS UP!" before a drink. WHEN WE STAND TOGETHER, we sometimes stand away in fear one another. Models can becomes MIDNIGHT QUEENs overnight. I know I GOTTA GET ME SOME of what they're havin'. Have you ever needed a LULLABY to help you sleep at night? I need one for every night. Have fun with the life you have now and KISS IT GOODBYE later in adulthood. TYING NOT TO LOVE YOU is when you could have broken up something stupid want to take that person back. Some of those extreme might be HOLDING ONTO HEVAN for life.EVERYTHING I WANNA DO is for you and you know it. Most in a relationship say, "DON'T EVER LET IT END" but it ends anyway, sometimes in pain or pure boredum. You should never ever talk when you have SOMETHING IN YOUR MOUTH because it's just plain rude. You should clean up the ashes when you BURN IT TO THE GROUND whatever it is. You GOTTA BE SOMEBODY to make it in this big, bad world. I know I'D COME FOR YOU when you fall, trip, hurting, in pain and be there for you! Through it all and all of hell just to hold your hand. But have JUST TO GET HIGH to be happy. And that's not what I want for you. I want you to be happy just to be happy. And knowing that you're NEVER GONNA BE ALONE is comferting in more ways than one. I like to have SHANKIN' HANDS with old friends I haven't seen in years. To some, S.E.X. is the answer to every problem that comes thier way. What IF TODAY WAS YOUR LAST DAY? What would you do? Live each moment like your last? Or mend a borken heart? Some people find the best part of the afternoon is THIS AFTERNOON. I know I would FOLLOW YOU HOME if i knew what happened if it was something bad. Sometimes, people FIGHT FO R ALL THE WRONG REASONS and end up paying for it later in life. Sometimes a PHOTOGRAPH will stop them and sometimes they won't. Are you a ANIMAL lover?? I know that SAVIN' ME would be no chance. My life is already dead. I would love to move very FAR AWAY from where I am now. Who would be the NEXT CONTESTANT on Project Runway? I have mentally dodge a SIDE OF A BULLET every time I look over my shoulder. It's not very fun!! What would happen IF EVERYONE CARED? The SOMEONE THAT YOU'RE WITH may not want to be with you or vice versa... I know at one point in your life, you dreamed of becoming a ROCKSTAR but was crushed. Everyone has a LITTLE FRIEND in thier head called a countius that tells them what's wrong and right. Are you a PUSHER over every little thing? What in the hell is a DETANGLER?(I know in real life) Do you hit the CURB when you park your vehical? What you say FALLS BACK ON you somewhere later in life... Don't mess with the SEA GROOVE or I will kill you(Kidding!) I know we once dreamed of being able to FLY to the moon and we did. Are you a WINDOW SHOPPER? Do look at the stuff that I DON'T HAVE or you don't? Being FLAT ON THE FLOOR is not always a good idea... If you don't want to DO THIS ANYMORE then go on and don't do it! I know that I will die SOMEDAY but it won't be today. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, everyone does die. Not all by natural cirmustances. FEELIN' WAY TOO DAMN GOOD when you do it with your partner? BECAUSE OF YOU I could've had a better life but instead, I stayed with you. I FIGURED YOU OUT a looong time ago, you just didn't notice. You SHOULD'VE LISTENED when I said no the first time you jerk! Then you go and THROW YOURSELF AWAY because of it. Wasn't such a good idea, huh? You need another girlfriend like you need ANOTHER HOLE IN THE HEAD, I will SEE YOU AT THE SHOW and it will be your last! NEVER AGAIN shall be with you another moment longer. I can't stand to see your sorry face! This is HOW YOU REMIND me when hear your name. But TOO BAD, you WOKE UP THIS MORNING with a hangover from drinking to much last night. Then you try to be a HERO. JUST FOR drinking?! I don't think so!! Can you hear that? It's HOLLYWOOD calling your name. Go. Go and be a star with me. I don't want to be apart of that life you live. MONEY BOUGHT, is money spent. WHERE DO I HIDE? he's coming with vegence. He wants to kill me! HANGNAILS are very painfull. All the GOOD TIMES GONE in foul swoop.

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    On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 1:32 PM, AshleyPurdyFan said:

    Thanks!! I used all of them this time!! Some where hard to do, others where easy.

  2. Nadje avatar

    On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 9:03 AM, Nadje said:

    Have I told you tha it gets better every time...???
    Well,it definitely does!!!:)

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