Always bein sick/New band/ Next Year

Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 2:59 PM By: AshleyPurdyFan

For some reason I'm constently sick with somethin. I am now but I can't figure out with what. All I know for now is that I got this constant feelin like I'm about to throw up. On the up side, there is a band called Saving Abel. They are like Nickelback but just heavy. :) I like four songs by them, "Addicted", "18 Days", "Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)", and Bloody Sunday. Next year will be better cause I will have the "main" teacher for one class period. But, I signed for Forsenic Science, which just another Science class and American Sign Language. And all I need to graduate is a English class. I will 27 credits when I graduate when the reaquired amount is 21. And does anyone know how to share pictures or videos on here???

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    On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 5:47 PM, AshleyPurdyFan said:

    I don't know who you think you are, but from skimming through, you're the one pickin' on me, and I hardly appriciate it. I live all the way up north, I never been to texas and don't plan on it any time soon. So why don't you just leave me alone? It's just a blog. I ain't stalkin no one. I haven't been on here for days. And I see this stupid comment.... You know nothing about me except for my about me. And get your facts straight. I ain't involved with PCs. I cook. ANNNDDD the blog ain't even based on your lil' comment.

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    On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 3:46 PM, LittleWings said:

    I have always said, and you remember this I am sure: that given enough time and rope, people are more than happy to hang themselves. Kudos to you! I don't think there is anyone here that has a doubt in their minds when they see you now in whatever screen name you choose to use. That is important... you are more than dangerous to the unsuspecting. And you use lots of different names and genders.

    This is neutral territory, which is great for me and total crap for you as I can nail you to the wall should I so choose. QUIT STALKING ME. You have wiped out 3 of my computers over the years and are working on tanking this one now. You have bugged my house and car, my parents house and car. My work. It isn't hard, breaking into electronic survelliance systems is your specialty. That is not a compliment. You pay people to bug those places that you can't break into. I have always wondered if that was your government 'perk' anyway. I guess everyone has a price... except me. You have violated my rights of freedom in my country. Worse. You have more money than integrity. You seem to think you can bully me into crawling back into your closet so you can use me for 'inspiration' to make yourself more money. Huh. NOT ON YOUR LIFE. I have no earthly idea what is so inspiring about me, you won't miss much.

    Do not EVER threaten my life, or the lives of my family, or loved ones, ever again. The car 'accident' you set me up in to scare me back into hiding was bad enough, but you actually put it into words when you said you'd rather see me dead than back with him... who is 'him'? And better yet, in saying so, you have admitted to being the one that came between us with lies and causing enough strife to create years worth of torment. What for? Your pyre of inspiration to get yourself a fortune? I never burned for you anyway. Nice guy. :-P You have poisoned food sources, blaming others, innocent people died FOR WHAT???? And you blamed it on other people for 'hunting me down to harm me' just to keep me hidden OMG I don't think the 'other people' would find it too flattering that you accused them of killing people. Shall we ask them what they think?

    I always thought it was weird that you couldn't go near Texas but then I remembered that's where Peeps lived and that mess that all was like 12-13 years ago. You have gotten smarter since then which is a pity as it is harder to catch you and make it stick. But, it is possible. That book you were so worried about me writing about you, well it is in a safe place, kinda like insurance. Now there are so many people that know about all the things that have happened and who is behind it, you can't do much without everyone knowing. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, let you take the high road on a 'breakup', left you dignity on your boards. Then you came over here trashing these boards and bullying me again. LEAVE ME ALONE. I DON'T WANT YOU NEAR ME, OR TALKING TO ME, EVER AGAIN. Remember I know who you are. Don't show your face around me, or everyone will be gifted with the knowledge. I have had more than enough tragedy. Go away, stay away, and never EVER pretend you know me if you see me anywhere.

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