Nickelback and Daughtry - 1st October 2012 @ London's O2 Arena

Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 4:59 PM By: Filiz Salih

1st October was a big day for me and for one of my best friends Mel. I have waited 8 years to see both bands and each day was getting closer and closer to the 1st. Everyday I kept looking at my calendar thinking "not long till’ I see Nickelback and Daughtry".
Me and my best friend did yard sales, selling all our old possessions, trying to raise money to fund our trip to London to see our 2 favourite bands. We made 2 signs also. One saying "Let me be that someone that you’re with Daniel’ and the other sign was for Daughtry which said "Take me ‘Home’ with you Chris". We were both so excited whilst making these signs. We were preparing for this trip months in advance.
Everyday whilst listening to their albums, my hearts would race to the beat. I just couldn’t help but get excited every time I thought of them. For so long I have waited to see them live and knowing that I’ll finally get the chance is something that wouldn’t sink in. I just couldn’t believe it!
Music is a huge part of my life and Nickelback and Daughtry’s songs have played a big part. I believe in myself a lot more now. I was in a very dark place for a long time and getting out of that dark hole took many years. I found it hard to open up to people and just kept myself to myself. I have no confidence and the only time I really feel happy is when I’m listening to music and singing. The day I purchased my ticket to see Nickelback in London was when countdown began for me. Been dreaming of this day for far too long! When I later found out that Daughtry wold be their support act...I was in shock. 2 dreams were coming true at once. I love Daughtry and couldn’t believe that I would be seeing them also. I kept hoping that it would be them supporting Nickelback, but never thought it’d come true. One of my wishes came true :-)
1st October is here and from the excitement I hardly had any sleep. My best friend Mel calls me at 8am screaming down the phone ...that is how excited she was lol. We couldn’t believe that this day has finally arrived and we’ll be seeing our favourite bands :-D
We waited all day at the arena. The time finally came when we had our tickets checked, wristbands put on and we were lucky enough to be one of the first ones to enter the concert arena. Mel and I couldn’t believe it! We were now standing front row at the barriers staring at the stage. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I felt so overwhelmed. Robin Diaz’s (from Daughtry), drum set was right in front of us :-) I kept pinching myself thinking I was going to wake up from a dream.
We had our signs ready and our hearts kept racing from the shear excitement. We were trying to guess which song Daughtry would perform first, and we guessed ‘Renegade'. Such an awesome song. ...
...Lights dim and the entire arena is in darkness. Lights on the stage start flickering, next minute...DAUGHTRY WALK ON STAGE! I was left speechless. I couldn’t scream, I just froze. The UK aired American Idol a bit later than the States so we were a lil' bit behind here. I love American Idol and that is when I first discovered Chris Daughtry. I have been a fan since and wanted him to win the show. I was devastated when he was voted off :-( But like they say, some things aren’t meant to be and his destiny was to start up his own band. When 'Over You' was released I was so happy and looked everywhere in London for their album. I had to order it online in the end and order it from an American website. Made my day when that album finally arrived. Since then I had waited years to see them perform live.
Whilst they’re performing on stage, my entire body was shaking and I couldn’t help but cry. I had so much on my mind and felt so overwhelmed. Was an emotional evening for me. Josh Paul was incredible and when I found out he was leaving the band, I was so upset!
Before the gig, things for me and my family have been tough. My mums health has been getting worse and it’s a constant worry for me. Music helps me get through and seeing Daughtry on stage bought everything back to me and I just kept thinking of my family and the disbelief I was in that this day was actually happening. The band noticed our signs and smiled and Chris Daughtry actually knelt on stage infront of us and sang to us. That was awesome :-) I will never forget that. I managed to get one of Chris Daughtry’s guitar picks which he used ... I KNOW (as Monica from Friends would say lol ). My friend Mel caught one of Robin Diaz’s drumsticks and Josh Steely’s guitar pick which was awesome! One of my favourite songs is ‘Home' and I felt incredibly emotional when they performed that song. They were amazing!
Took a while for us to recover from that and we were then waiting for the incredible Nickelback to come on stage. We waited about half an hour ... lights go out .... NICKELBACK!!!!!! We see Chad walk towards us, Ryan and mike with their guitars and Daniel on drums :-D Omg, is this actually happening. This can’t be real right now. Daniel Adair noticed Mel’s sign which said 'Let me be that someone that you’re with Daniel' and he pointed at Mel and winked. That made her life! She has the biggest crush on Daniel Adair! Me and Mel rocked out big time. They threw beer into the crowd, t-shirts, the entire arena went crazy. The atmosphere was imense. When they sang 'Far Away’ goosebumps all over my body. A special song indeed. Mel always said that 'Far Away’ is a special song to her. Emotional moment for us both. When Nickelback sang ‘Rockstar', the entire audience sang along and Chris Daughtry came on stage also :-) That was awesome! Daniel Adair’s drum solo was incredible and threw one of his drum sticks to Mel :-D He literally pointed at her and gave her a wink and threw his stick to her. Since then, she’s been going to bed with that drum stick lol. I was so happy for her! I couldn’t help but stare at Ryan lol he’s a dream :-) Nickelback are incredible live and one of my dreams came true that night.

We didn’t want the night to end. It still hadn’t sunk in and we wanted them to stay on stage a bit longer.
Looking back at the photos I took and the videos i recorded, I am still having to pinch myself. I still cry when I think about it, as the night meant so much to me. It healed me and took away the pain I was feeling before. I will never forget this night...ever!

Thank you Nickelback and Daughtry for rocking out London. Hope to see you guys again soon :-) xxxxxxxx

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