Some NickelBack History

Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 7:26 PM By: JohnMartin

Hi Ya'll
For whatever its worth
I met Mike back in 1986 we both in the ARMY stationed at Fort Hood Texas. We would jam in his
room in the barracks and I remember one time he told me he had gone seen a fortune teller and that she said that he would be part of a famous band, I think I said cool or something, the whole fortune teller thing you know. well he told me the name of the band would be Nickel Back I was playing and I thought I heard nickel bag He said Nickel back because when I worked at Starbucks people would ask for their change or nickel back he said. Another time I went over he was looking at pictures on his bunk and he said I need to learn how to write songs I remember telling him Its not that hard try to ryhme words and come up with a catch phrase thats when he came up with the song with photgraphs and looking out his back door.
This other time I went to see him cause he told me his brother and a friend had come to visit.
That day we started jamming and I started singing somthing I had been working on which was a combination of Juke box Hero, Your a shooting star, and On the cover of the Rolling Stones,
I called it " I wanna be a Rock Star" Mike loved it, I remember saying theres the first Nickel Back song, he started writing lyrics for it right away
Well I didnt see Mike for I while, The next time I saw him was at a house in Killeen Texas he was with his brother and friend, we said hi, he told me he had been working on Rock Star and when they sang it then it sounded real good I liked it also that day I mentioned to Mike I had been working on a song about Living each day as your last I read a book by Og Mandino I think, any how thats where he got the idea for If today was your last day
That was the last time I saw Them
Asimple piece of Nickel Back history
John Martin

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    On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 3:06 PM, JohnMartin said:

    Yea the year could have been 87, I asked Mike the same question, he told me his Dad had signed papers for him to enlist early, He was pretty young when we were both stationed at Gray ARMY Airfield at the time and I stayed a few barracks down. In a way I feel like I inspired Mike and kind of advised him on what it would take what he would need and to do it while he was young because if you wait and tied up in life it would be a lot harder I'm happy to see he's a success

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    On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 8:17 PM, Julie T said:

    That's interesting. He would have been 14 in 1986.

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