Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock (on PS3)

Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 5:54 PM By: Number One Fan

Ok so I bought Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock today, and I started to play the campaign mode.......and I beat a couple stages and get to "Judy Nails" stage,....... and guess what is at the bottom of her songs list........If you guessed How You Remind Me by none other than our very own NICKELBACK you right and most likely very exicted like I was,if you guessed something else you where wrong...very wrong.I saw the name and it registerd in my brain instantly...I was so excited I had to contain myself by screaming into my pillows.I played it on expert guitar and got 99% accuracy and 349 note streak............If you have a Plastation Online account and you play any Guitar Hero or Rock Band games or any of the Call of Duty games send me a friend online name is armyquen....Im pretty good at both so if I was you I wouldnt challenge me..if that made any sense...............

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