Hey I need guidence

Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 3:34 PM By: Number One Fan

Hey everybody........WOW I haven't been on in a while and i really miss this little community we got going here. I just started High School (fresh meat) it really sucks and I hate it alot...but I have met alot of really awesome people.I have been really bumded latly and I am extremly confused about my priorities. My parents suck and only pay attention to me when I am failing something and I barely see my little brother anymore.I just want to quit ,but I know I can't it feels like my head is going to explode I feel like bursting into tears when I get on the bus to come home because when I get home it just more problems waiting for me and my parents don't seem to understand what im going through....and before you go and say "they do",and "you should really listen to them they've been there". You should know that when my mom was in High School,she made straight A's,graduated early,and was a cheerleader so you can imagine how High School was for her.My dad is a whole nother story...all he can say is try your best,you will make it through,because he dropped out and worked so he doesn't know half of what i'm going through......I just need someone to talk to that knows exactly what i'm going through.....Thank You If You Actualy Read This Entire Bool Of A Blog.

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    On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 2:19 AM, ursh said:

    hey there, oky i cant say that i really know what you are going through because south african schools are really not the same ss over seas but what i can say is this;
    do not through yourself into depression because once you let all the bad things get you down, the oint of return is hard to reach. only you can make the best of a bad situation. when you start high school, you have to be the best you can, only you can push yourself to your fullest limits because only you know how far you can go. be who you are and just make each day like it was your last day on earth. do not compare yourself to your parents because we are all individuals and are unique in our own way. life has changed so even though your mother did well in school, it doesnt mean that school life is still the same because life changes with each generation. but most important is that you please yourself, do not bother about what other people did, think or say because in your life it is all about you. even though you are 'fresh meat' at this stage, you can change the status of what type of 'meat you are going to be in school, 'rotten', 'raw' or a good damn piece of 'meat'. i dont know what problems you are talking about but its like i said, its all about what you make of it. only you can change your route in this life and once you let every thing get you down, you will only have yourself to blame, sorry if it sounds blunt but it is the truth. dont know why you see little of your little brother but why? cant you make a plan to spend more time with him then? it sound like you lack confidence, and you shouldnt!!!!! you can feel free to talk to me, i am a great listener and will try to boost your situation. i know it is only words, but words become a meaning, and a meaning can become a fact!!!! :-) be strong and keep your head up high!!!!!!

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