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  1. Online Courses Suck

    Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 2:09 PM 4 Comments

    Earlier in the year I was driving and hit a tree, so now I have to take an online driving course. The only problem is, whenever I load the webpage nothing comes up, so I just paid $40 for this class and I can't even do it. When I try calling support I get sent straight to voicemail. I hope they have Nickelback in jail, because that's where I'll be if this class doesn't get finished. #Nervous

  2. What the Heck?

    Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 1:23 PM 0 Comments

    I go through the halls of my high school, and everywhere I turn I hear people hating on Nickelback. I don't get it? What is their big deal? Nickelback is by far the best band of my generation, and I don't have anyone to share in the experience. #SadDay

  3. Funny joke

    Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:51 PM 3 Comments

    What concert costs 45 cents? 50 Cent feat. Nickelback #TooFunny!

  4. Prom

    Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 2:08 PM 1 Comments

    I took my girlfriend to my senior Prom last weekend, and the whole way there I played Nickelback on repeat. She was so frustrated that she made me choose between her, and my music. Let's just say, I won't be seeing her again. #NickelbackProblems

  5. Nickelback 4 Ever.

    Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 1:21 PM 0 Comments

    Today, I had the idea that Nickelback could become a timeless band, for all generations to make connections with. After this thought, I had a jam session to This is How you Remind Me, and went on to make sweet love to my girlfriend. Best Day Ever.


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