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Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 5:57 PM By: Huntasmom

So the album came out on my birthday and since I am the worlds biggest Nickelback fan in my time zone (EST), and I have the groupy stories to prove it! You would have thought someone in my world would have logged my repeated request for this purchase in their brain...didn't happen and they actually expected me till wait till Christmas, yeah right. So I started listening to it and I getting worried that the Nickelback I know and worship was lost. I got home put it in my computer and finished listening to the rest and low and behold there they were! The band I Love and dedicated a tattoo to. Upon further investigation I realized that the hard drinking, stripper chasing tracks had Joeys' name after Chads. Is anyone else of the thought that "We Stand Together" has a good theme but just doesn't sound right? So far my favorite is #11 and tied with #9. Usually the last track has a different vibe. Here's a question Favorite last track of previous albums? Good Times Gone , with a close second of I Don't Have. Of course The State and Curb are different Beasts. Awesome but different. Anybody heard "Hesher"? I would love to get a listen of that...Not on $25,000 a year though.

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    First of all Happy Birthday. I actually have found over the past couple of years co-workers picked up on little comments believe it or not.We draw names and last year a co-worker asked what Nickelback cd I didn't have. I had them all (except for Hesher and three sided coin) so she got something else.And then this year my administrator said well we know to get Patty anything Nickelback. That so surprised me. Like you though I had to have it right away.I'm with you on tracks #11 and # 9. I have always liked how they have your rockin and your slower music. I think they are just trying to mix it up and reach a broader audience. I do like this cd from start to finish. Cannot wait till concert time though.

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