What Bands Are Known For.

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 3:28 PM By: Darkhorse4eva

So I read an interview with Mike the other day. He said that most bands are recognized by the lead singer. I never really picked up on it before but I guess that's why most people who know who NB are they know them from a picture of Chad. I know this is pretty obvious and I should have picked up on it a long time ago, but I did just realize this now...

On another note, I got into an argument with my brother about Chad and Avril's engagement. He decided to pull the whole age difference and publicity stunt cards. I believe I was right in saying the following.
"Am I the only one who realizes that age shouldn't matter, because Avril isn't a minor. It'd be extremely different had this happened 10 years ago, but since she isn't a minor anymore it really shouldn't matter. Also, Chad isn't a full 10 years older than her, he would have had to been born before the end of September and he was born in November. Now granted he's pretty damn close to being a full 10 years older, but he isn't therefore no one should care about the age difference. If Chad makes Avril happy and she him then you shouldn't care. And the whole "This is for more publicity" bull over their engagement obviously isn't true because I'm almost 100% positive that if it was, Chad wouldn't have don't the whole scrapbooking thing, he would have just asked Avril outside on the street of Vancouver or in the general public area. So you just need to shut up about the damn age difference and publicity stunt bull."

Does anyone else think I was right? I just wanted to clear that up.

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    that makes a very lot of sense :)

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