For my son Luke and me

Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 2:49 AM By: Angel1987

Gerhard Meyer leaves in 1991 shortly after the founding DKMS register. It's thus a DKMS donor first hour. Years later when he himself is a chronic from of leukemia is determined. Suddenly he needs the help of a stem cell donor. After the successful transplant followed by many ups and downs until he can resume a normal life. Today he is fine enjoys every moment with his familiy.

This life story begins shortly after the founding DKMS and found even after many years mover no end - but a completely unexpected new beginning.

When a blod donation appointment in June 1991 I noticed a sign: For a leukemia patient was a donor search. The nurse told me that there was for the treatment of leukemia patients., the possibility of a stem cell donation. Whether a donor to fit a patient would be determined through an examination of the tissue characteristics. I decided spontaeously to join. I was barley a month after the founding of one of the first DKMS registered donors.
Eight years later, I was once again in the blood. After the initial examination I was told that an important value is too low. Inspection and controls in the hospital followed. And then the diagnosis: chronic myelogenous leukemia, CML shortly. At first broke down for me a world. The doctors told me that a stem cell transplant but rejected. This ferm was already familiar to me and also that as in recent years more and more leukemia patients could be wred. The most important thing at this moment was that there was no immediate danger of death. The doctors and I had time to prepare for an optimal treatment. So I had hopes that gave me new strength.
I was incredibly lucky. After a few month for me has found a matching donor. On 11. April 2000 I transplanted my new life. Then stem cells which someone had donated to me. After a constant ebb and flow I began in 2001 working again. Gradually my life became normal again and today I feel almost as good as I had never been sick. Only my hair as a result of chemotherapy I've permanently lost. During treatment I was reassured to think even before I was ready to give others the help I need now to survive.
A huge surprise was yet ready for the life of me: the stem was not only given me a new life. On 3. June 2003, our third child, Luke was born. For us a little incredible miracle! For after the therapy I should probably be permanently infertile accordig to doctors.
So today two people owe their lives to the generosity of another.

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