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  1. Do you agree with this list? This first setlist you already know. 1. Photograph 2. How You Remind Me 3. Burn It To The Ground 4. Rockstar 5. Savin' Me 6. Figured You Out 7. Too Bad 8. If Today Was Your Last Day 9. Far Away 10. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good 11. Someday 12. Never Again 13. Lullaby 14. If Everyone Cared 15. Gotta Be Somebody 16. When We Stand...

  2. Here are some more ideas I had for their songs. Remember these are not real names for the band's songs, they're made up. Who knows maybe some of these might be on the actual track listing when the time comes. Use your imagination, let's see what you guys can come up with. :) This first one I already posted awhile ago, but I'll put it up again. 1st guess 1. Had Enough 2....

  3. I would like to know why so many great songs or "hit-singles" were rejected from the Nickelback "Best Of" compilation. Is it because they failed commercially, or was it not the band's decision to kick these songs to the curb excuse the pun lol. I can understand why songs like "Old Enough", "Worthy To Say", "Breathe", "Side Of A Bullet", "Shakin' Hands", "See You At The Show", and "Because Of...

  4. New material for the new album, or guest vocals for Avril's album? Whatever it may be it better be badass. I bought 2 cd's of the "Best Of Nickelback: Volume 1" for myself. Yeah it's weird to have two for myself but I was bored. I'll probably buy two cd's of Vol. 2 because I'm bored since nothing is out right now that's exciting. I'm still waiting to hear some new songs, I don't know if I can...

  5. Will there be a "Best Of Nickelback, Vol. 2", if so when will that come out?, and when will the next album come out? Next summer maybe?

  6. "Ultimate Nickelback Hits"

    Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 3:32 PM 0 Comments

    Hey guys I'm back, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile. I didn't really have anything to post, I was bored so I made this. This is what I would call my "Greatest Hits" cd, and these are the songs I'd choose. Let me know what you think guys. Now "Here And Now" isn't on here ok, this is just going up to 2008. Put a :) if you like this or a :( if you don't like this. 1. Something In...

  7. The Best Of Nickelback, Vol.1

    Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 1:10 PM 2 Comments

    Is it worth buying despite the fact that there's a lot of missing songs and contains no new material? 19 tracks might seem big to "newcomers" but I think to all us long-time hardcore fans it simply won't do, better make it a 2-disc cd. It comes out on November 4th and even though it's missing a lot of great songs, I'm still going to buy it anyway. My 3 questions are why are soo many songs...

  8. I'm going to take a guess of what the songs will be on the Nickelback record. This is fake ok I might be right or wrong I don't care it's just for fun. Here's my idea of what they might be. 1. Had Enough 2. Tonight It's Our Turn 3. The Hardest Part 4. She's Not Afraid 5. Not Gonna Stop 6. See You In Hell 7. The Pain Inside 8. Forget Me 9. You're The One 10. Another Day...

  9. Chad Kroeger hates "Curb"?!

    Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 2:41 PM 3 Comments

    Is this true?! somebody on YouTube replied to my comment regarding the greatest hits that's coming out soon. I wrote "I hope that the new songs will be great and hope that songs from "Curb" and "The State" will be on there. I don't care if there's just one song from each, just something from those two albums". The person replied back to me and said "Chad hates "Curb" and is ashamed of it and...

  10. Nickelback's sex songs

    Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 9:12 PM 5 Comments

    A lot of people think there's too many sex songs and that they all sound the same. I used to feel that way too. Once I discovered the raunchiness behind "Dark Horse", I was a bit worried too. Over a period of time I decided not to contradict everything the band does and to just understand where they're coming from. After awhile the songs actually painted a very different picture. Yes they do...


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