Subject: "Here And Now"

Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 12:37 PM By: DK devilplayground

Tell me what you think of the new album and the 11 songs. Rate them 1-5, 1-being worst, 5-being best be specific too.

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    On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 2:15 PM, DK devilplayground said:

    In reply to Karen22 I never said Midnight Queen is a terrible song I get it stuck in my head a lot which is still a good thing it just didn't feel like anything new to me idk with all do respect.

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    On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 6:34 AM, Karen22 said:

    OK .. I've tried to this with all the albums but all I come up with is top rating for the tracks .. sometimes with an extra + or maybe a few cases a 5 -. It's just when I am are listening any track .. I get in to it big time.
    Sorry .. but I really disagree about Midnight Queen !! A Nickelback album is eclectic and as such totally belongs!
    Having said that I kinda get what you mean with Everything I Wanna Do - would have liked a another blasting heavier song in it's place & had EIWD on the next album. - Only my opinion & the only criticism I have :)
    Agree totally with Don't Ever Let It End .. I would be an amazing single !! xx

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    On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 2:00 PM, DK devilplayground said:

    Here are my thoughts to give you an example.

    1. THIS MEANS WAR - It has a very dark feel kinda scary sounding the first time around. Awesome guitar work with lots of energy this is one bad ass puppy! 5/5
    2. BOTTOMS UP - All I can says is it's the ultimate party song it's fun, catchy and kicks ass! 5/5
    3. WHEN WE STAND TOGETHER - This song doesn't get much respect as far as the other songs go. People says it's bland and doesn't mean much of anything I disagree. I love the melody in this one very soothing. I love songs like this the world is a fucked up place let's try to make it better. 5/5
    4. MIDNIGHT QUEEN - This is one FAST little fucker, now don't get me wrong I love this song it's awesome, but didn't we hear songs like this already on 'Dark Horse'? It feels like a song that was meant to be put on 'Dark Horse' but was forgotten, then was put on the new album just to make it fit in. Does anybody feel the same way? 3.5/5
    5. GOTTA GET ME SOME - I mistook this one for a 'sex song' at first but once I read it more carefully it's not what I was expecting. I love this one soo much I love blasting this one loud in my car. "God all mighty look at that body, flickers like a sticker on a new Ferrari, she's a scene from a Baywatch re-run hotter than a barrel on a squeezed machine gun BOOM!!!" gotta love that! 5/5
    6. LULLABY - This one is the softest song on the record. This has a powerful message, Nickelback is good at making love songs or about making the world a better place. It's not my favorite on the album but I bet it sounds amazing live, I love Ryan's piano work on this one too! 4/5
    7. KISS IT GOODBYE - "Just To Get High" this is not. 'Kiss it Goodbye' paints a very artistic picture about drugs around different backgrounds of people's lives I think that's what it means. This is a weird sounding song and doesn't get much credit I think it's awesome! 5/5
    8. TRYING NOT TO LOVE YOU - I knew this was going to be a single one day and I was right, it was the last single but it still made it baby woo! Beautiful lyrics and flow I'll leave it at that! 5/5
    9. HOLDING ON TO HEAVEN - The first time I heard this it gave me chills. I could pretty much visualize what's going on as Chad's singing it which really blew me away!!!. This would make an awesome music video. This is my favorite song on the record I'm surprised this one wasn't a single. 6/5
    10. EVERYTHING I WANNA DO - Yet again we have another 'sex song' oh splendid! Like I said before with 'Midnight Queen' it's catchy and I still find myself singing it, but it could of been about something other than sex just saying. It could been a song about rage, frusturation, jealousy, a miracle, or ghosts in your house ...MALCOLM!!! it's me Chip the psychic!, but NO we have to hear him talk about bumpin' uglies with the million dollar bodies lol! 3.5/5
    11. DON'T EVER LET IT END - A nice way to wrap up the album, the song is awesome, it's very peaceful sounding this could of made a great single too, but I guess not oh well it's still great! 5/5

    I enjoyed this new album, it's not wild and crazy like "Dark Horse" was, it's more mature sounding despite songs like 'Midnight Queen' and 'Everything I Wanna Do'. Even though those two songs still rock hard I felt like they brought the album down a bit. I like Midnight Queen better than the other one, "There are places that are better to go, but I'm addicted to the Red Light show, feel like a king and she's my ace in the whole and I can't get enough of the things that she does" LOVE THAT SHIT!!!

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