Subject: "All The Right Reasons"

Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 6:09 PM By: DK devilplayground

I'm going to do a song and album review of Nickelback's 5th album "All The Right Reasons" here me out.

1. FOLLOW YOU HOME - What a great opener to start the album, it's got a great rhythm and doesn't get boring. After listening to this it made me want to drive that black car on the album cover lol. 5/5
2. FIGHT FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS - This is my all time favorite song on here, I love the part between the song where it goes like this "uh oh woah oh" part in the song I think that's really neating sounding. 6/5
3. PHOTOGRAPH - Yes I'm sure you've all heard this one many times already, if you haven't then you need to hear it. It's not my favorite on here, but it's still great. 4.5/5
4. ANIMALS - This seems to be a lot of people's favorite, but it's not mine no offense though. It's a fast little fucker and it's definitely catchy. 4.5/5
5. SAVIN' ME - I like this one, but I don't love it. It's probably the radio which ruined this one for me it always does for anybody who likes music. 4.5/5
6. FAR AWAY - This is my 2nd favorite song on here, like I said before on my previous blogs Nickelback's great at making love songs enough said. 5/5
7. NEXT CONTESTANT - Now this one is bad ass, this is where things start to heat up, I love this song very intense lyrics. 5/5
8. SIDE OF A BULLET - I believe this is dedicated to Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. I talked about "Just To Get High" right? yes I did this falls into that category simply amazing! 5/5
9. IF EVERYONE CARED - Before "When We Stand Together" there was this. It's a peaceful, soothing, relaxing ballad. 4.5/5
10. SOMEONE THAT YOU'RE WITH - I love that funky guitar beat in this one, even though it's a love song, it's not afraid to go heavy if it chooses to I love it. 5/5
11. ROCKSTAR - This one is also a lot of people's favorite, like I said about "Animals", it's awesome but it's been played to death on the radio though. I'm sorry this one isn't my favorite guys no hard feelings. 4.5/5

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