Nickelback "Greatest Hits 2-CD"

Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 2:21 AM By: DK devilplayground

Hey all you Nickelback fans out there, I just wanted you to know that there is an awesome Nickelback "Greatest Hits" album out there. The cd my friend bought me off of Ebay has 2-discs with 42 songs on it. The 1st disc. has 21 songs, and the 2nd disc. has 21 songs as well. I know it's early to talk about this but it's tme for Nickelback to make one. They have 7 albums and they have plenty of hits. I don't know why they haven't released one yet anyway, let's talk about the packaging and what songs are on these 2 cd's. First off the packaging is nice with lots of photos of the band on the front, back, and inside. There is no liner notes, but it's better than nothing I guess. Both discs have a picture of the band on it. I don't know if this set is bootleg, but it's a really nice one. Let's talk about the songs. First off there are some songs that don't really belong or are considered "singles" on here, but I don't really care the more songs the better right?! There's only one problem I have with it and that is there's NO songs from "Curb" on here which is sad, and only 2 from "The State". You can always make your own greatest hits cd, but this is great to have if you're new to the band.


1. Bottoms Up
2. Something In Your Mouth
3. Follow You Home - Non-single like I mentioned earlier, but welcome aboard anyway!!!
4. Never Again
5. Someday
6. Hero (featuring Josey Scott from "Saliva") It's about time somebody put this as a "hit".
7. Photograph
8. When We Stand Together
9. How You Remind Me
10. Burn It To The Ground
11. If Everyone Cared
12. Because Of You
13. Midnight Queen - Hey what do you know I guess it is worthy of being a hit yaaa!!!
14. Never Gonna Be Alone
15. Animals
16. Figured You Out
17. Too Bad
18. Gotta Be Somebody
19. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
20. Trying Not To Love You
21. Rockstar


1. This Means War
2. Shakin' Hands
3. Side Of A Bullet
4. Flat On The Floor - Whoa hold up this is a hit? it feels a little weird but rock on!!!
5. Lullaby
6. This Afternoon
7. Savin' Me
8. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) - I've never heard of this one before, all I know is it's a cover song and it sounds great!!! A worthy song to listen to if you ask me.
9. Legs - A cover song originally performed by ZZ-Top and this is AWESOME I'm not kidding!!! I don't know where this bad boy came from but you need to hear it.
10. Slow Motion - This is a song I loved off of "The Punisher" soundtrack and it's still fun to listen to. I'm glad it's on here.
11. Should've Listened - What the? ok another non-single this is a really interesting one anyway take it away boys!!!
12. If Today Was Your Last Day
13. Don't Ever Let It End - Karen22 this one's for you ...well both of us actually lol yaa it's on here!!!!
14. Far Away
15. Believe it Or Not - I'm glad this one is on here even though it's a non-single and it's not a lot of people's favorite but fuck it!!!
16. Woke Up This Morning - Hmm ok another non-single, this one is a weird choice. I would've preferred "Just To Get High" but we can't do anything about it now let's just go with it!!!
17. I'd Come For You
18. Throw Yourself Away - See "Should've Listened"
19. Just For - Another non-single but it's one I've always liked it's just soo damn violent and heavy why not!!!
20. Breathe
21. Leader Of Men

So you get a lot for $21 bucks I think. It's got a mix of stuff that you may or may not agree with I don't know about you but I like it. It's disappointing that "Little Friend", "Detangler", "Fly", "Where?", "Old Enough" and "Worthy To Say" aren't included but you do get some awesome shit. If you're interested in it go buy it if not fine by me.

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