Ryan Peake - do not get me wrong!

Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 5:42 PM By: Ale_gilmour


I do like this pic!... it's epic.... big guy!

These days i got a message from some random guy sayin' to me things like -*Ryan is a married guy...*he never cheated and he never will...be respectful... on my instagram...

Well.. i had to make things clear to him , I'm just a fan... i totally respect his life with his with wife Treana.. and she's an amazing woman... I think he just got me wrong... there's no way I would be stupid enough to think things like "try to have something with Ryan" "groupie" or whatever... ...I don't know what he was thinking... I LOVE RYAN? yes I do! but as a fan, he inspired me and he always will inspire me... I think he's an amazing musician... and i'm a musician... AND i don't think he would ever look at me ...not that cute... anyway... i'm not a kid anymore (although I look like a young girl lol) u.u but i'm 28 and i got my good and an amazing boyfriend and I'm very happy with him!!!

well and what i really want from Ryan and the other guys from nickelback is just a chance to have a really nice time at some random bar with good beer and nice talk AND FOR SURE more nickelback song! love ;)

in the end... i talk to the guy and he seems a really nice guy... so everything went ok! ;)

"We judge a book by it's cover and read what we want between selected lines"

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