Happy New Year everyone!!! (talking about strength)

Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 1:59 AM By: Amber

Happy new year everyone!!!
well my new was great i had a lot of fun i was up all night with friends and family and i was listing to music all night long YES i was listing to NICKELBACK!!!! and my darkest days very good band!! I really want to know how everyones new years is going i want to know if ur having the best year so far????? im having a GOOD one just a little heard on my but i getting throw it. its just taking a little more time. =( i hate having to go to the docs all the time all cuz i have a disease it makes everything a lot hearder for me to do things but i find a way to do them where i like or not im trying to stay strong but its heard the thing i have gone throw for the last year and 2 months but for the years before that i spent 4 years in and out of the hospital and other docs they couldnt tell me why i was in so much pain 4 years of not knowing and 1 day i have surgery and they tell me!!! Ive change so much that all my friends couldnt belive that ive change but im strong but ive lost alot from being sick i hate talking about this but i had too talk about one way or another if u really want to know what i have ill tell u its called Endometriosis!! its very painful but i hopign its going to get better this year i has been good so far been in a lot of pain but i been taking it as much as i can but its all good!!! i hope someone has it and i can talk more with them or if u want to know about it i well love to talk to u more about it!!!! (Unbelievable Strength)

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