Days to be come!!!!

Sun, May 6, 2012 at 11:47 PM By: Amber

As everyday comes its a new day and something are the same some are different and her come's out of the blue something new Now those days are awesome. As every year goes by u get older and well some o use change for the good or the bad. Summer is right around the corner and I;m happy and so is everyone else getting a break from school and getting a job this is going to be so much FUN can't wait!!!

Now for me I see people having the best days of there life I'm happy for them it makes me happy to see everyone else happy. What would make me happy is if I get a jog an ill be able to help out with the family and not think about the pain I'm in. Not able to be in school with all of my friends it makes everything a lot header but i'm homeschooled online school so I'm getting credits I'm happy but i could be happier being in school with my friends the only thing keeping me from going to school is my Endometriosis disease the pain the has to give to me sucks but I'm fighting back and not letting it thing everything from me. days to come I don't know whats going to happen but i hope its going to be fun and i get a job and a car and everything well be good.

When your walking down the street and u see something u could do for someone would u help or walk away? I'm just way to loving and caring to walk away that's just not possible i couldn't do it even if someone payed me!!! Days to come well be the best days of your life or the bad day to come but u can make the best out of those days, by helping people in need or just going out for a walk to take some stress away. Don't let the bad thing get to you if u do its not going to help u get better . As the following days you can plan them but make sure your days aren't to busy.

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