I got a Guitar for my birthday!

Mon, May 7, 2012 at 12:08 AM By: Amber

I'm so happy i got a guitar for my birthday but i dont know how to play it and i dont have everything i need but as long as i have one and learn how to play some day ill be happy as can be. I've always wanted one and years later I got one it made me so happy i didnt know what to do after I got it all cause i didnt know how to play yeah i know its funny but i well some day learn i have a lot of time on my hands but no one to help me learn and OMG the lesson are a lot of money with all the money the want i could buy 4 guitar's NO im talking about 500 dollars ones!!!

As everyone knows im not music talented I'm sport talented. When you've known just sports all your life and the music comes and you know nothing about it. It's cool when u see people play the guitar cause ur like if i watch long enough you'll learn but when you get the guitar in your hands its not the same. Like everyone says you'll get better well i played for 2 weeks and dang im bad and i cant get a holed of how people learn on there own. Im going crazy, well the guitar drove me crazy.

One thing about guitar is I can tell people who I am by putting it in to a song, I dont want to talk about it we'll I'll wright about it when i learn how to play im going to sing it. at times I cant tell about the stress im going through so ill wright about it and put it to the side.

  1. nickelbackis#1 avatar

    On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 6:25 AM, nickelbackis#1 said:

    i hope u have fun with ur guitar i have a electric one and i am starting a band some time soon so maybe u could be in my band

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