Never know whats going to happen!!!

Thu, May 24, 2012 at 3:16 AM By: Amber

Well i had a heard almost 2 weeks last Thursday i went to the hospital at 3a.m. my stomach was hurting so bad my face was very red and my BP was 200/101 it was BAD the doc look at me and said were going to start you on I.V. do blood and get an X-ray and ultrasound well my blood work came back it wasnt good looking my White blood cell count was up very high they hospitalized me for 2 days and then this is what i hear after spending a day in a half in the dang hospital the ultrasound wasnt good looking my appendix was swollen and about to poop the took me in to surgery at 4:40 pm Thursday got out of surgery at 7:48pm. Wasnt feeling so great after i could not use my stomach muscle at all my body was in alot of pain i dont know why. i got home on Friday around 3 pm my mom told me that she wanted a kitten so she call the person they still had him we got the kitten and it lives in my room truns out she got him for me well it was for her but i have to do everything for her and he lives in my room with his gross shit he smell very bad when his shits man i wish i could but his butt out the window... Now its been a week since ive had surgery im doing a lot better and im on my feet wait i was on my feet 15 hours after surgery walking the hospital the doc said i had know promble letting u go home!! when i got home i slept for 2 hours and went fot a walk with my mom, sister her baby, brother and even went to go tell my friend im find WOW wasnt expediting for her to freaking out man she had a heart attack she was scared that i would bleed to death well when i told her the doc told me to walk as much as i can so i dont get blood clouts she was still mad at me she said "cant anything or anybody keep u from getting out of ur damn bed for once in ur damn life stay off u fucking feet NO MORE WALKING" I told her to take care of me or im going to stay doing what i do its called walking and not taking it easy =) ... man it wasnt pretty when i went to go take a shower i took the bandages off and i almost passed out the cut was big the biggest cut ive ever had in my life it was bad i went back to my room and had to lay down and try again later it worked 3 hours later i didnt look at the cut..... its been a week now i get my stitches taken out today im scared its going to hurt!! I HOPE IT DOESNT!!!!!

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