Making my DREAMS come TRUE

Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 6:57 PM By: Amber

Everyone has dreams!! But how many people out there talk about it or try to make them come true??? I love to hear people talk about there dreams and how it came true. It makes me feel like i can do the same thing they did and i shouldnt hold my self back from making my dreams come true!! Well ill tell you my dreams!!
My dreams starts with graduating high school, getting into shape, getting out of washington!!!, opening my own restaurant, getting my favorite dog PUGS, learing how to play the guitar, Raising money to find a CURE for Endometriosis this is the disease I have, Ive all ways wanted to raise money for people who have cancer and diseases and cant pay for treatment!!! <--Those are my DREAMS im working on making them come true!!
Its going to be hard to make them come true with not having a job! But i doing what i have to do to make one by one come true! The one thing that sucks about having dreams is theres all ways something that slows you down. The thing slowing me down is that when i was in 9th grade i got sick with a disease that stopped me dead in my tracks, but it didnt stop me from fighting to get back in school. Im in school but i dont go to school i do online school ill stil graduate high school. Doing online school is not easy! Just cause online school is hard its not going to stop me from graduating high school!! getting sick has only pushed me harder to get through school. My dreams mean at lot to me i didnt let someone pick them out for me i pick them for myself. YES people look at me like ive lost my mind when i say i want out of Washington! I will show them that i wont be here in this state anymore im going to leave washington and open up my restaurant in a different state like Massachusetts. I want to be someone who can over come being sick and losing a lot and showing people that just because you lost a few thing doesnt mean you cant over come it all and show what you dreamed of and make them come true show people that you didnt let them get in your way.

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