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  1. All Nickelback

    Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 6:58 AM 5 Comments

    Somebody asked me to make a list with all Nickelback songs. So, here it is. (I hope I have all) Let's begin with those that will not be found in a normal album -Mistake -Yanking out my heart -Love will keep us together -Tomorrow in a bottle -Use somebody -We will rock you -Legs -Saturday Night's alright -The four Horsemen -Sharp dressed man -Stop and Stare -Into...

  2. Just found out that there are over 90 Nickelback Songs. "We will rock you"-Cover "In front of me"-album Hesher "D.C:" -album Hesher "Truck"-album Hesher "The four horsemen"-cover "Sad but True"-cover "Legs"-cover But I still can't find a musicvideo of "Learn the hard way". Doesn't anyone of you have this song?

  3. Original Nickelback?

    Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 5:19 AM 0 Comments

    Do you know, or would say, that this song : is one of Nickelbacks? I thought the singer...he doesn't sound like Chad, or should I get some new headphones? =)

  4. I just learned of two more songs from Nickelback, also covers from the beginning of Nickelbacks existence) 1. Learn the hard way 2. Saturday night's alright 3. It's over Well, I'd like to add it to my Nickelback MP3Player Playlists, but I cannot find a good MP3 Version of these songs. So, please, when you have the opportunity to get this songs as MP3, or already have this songs, send it...

  5. It’s done, after a whole afternoon and night of work: Now I have nearly all songs Nickelback has ever sung on my MP3 Player. (Well, I hope that I have really every song) There are only two more songs missing: “Throw yourself away” and “Slow Motion”. Do you know how many songs Nickelback has released? I think they had exactly 82 Songs, together with the covers “Mistake”,...

  6. What shall I do...?

    Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 5:35 AM 2 Comments

    I'm in two minds how to act and I don't know which way I should choose. As free time activity I do swordfighting and dancing. Dancing is on Fridays, at 8:30pm. So far swordfighting is on Thursdays at 8pm. No problem yet, but the time is coming that swordfighting will take place on Fridays too. I really like both things, and don't want to give up one of them. But I'm afraid I can not keep up...

  7. Your desires!?

    Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 8:21 AM 0 Comments

    If somebody says that he will accomplish one of your desires, but only one. What would be your desire? I would not know whether I shall choose either a Nickelback concert or the compliance of my love (much more unlikely....) What would you choose if you were me?

  8. To anyone who speaks German

    Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 8:46 AM 1 Comments

    Mathehausaufgaben Hey du. Äh...bist / warst du vllt. zufällig gut in Mathe? Wir haben da nämlich so blöde Hausaufgaben, die, ich denke mal, theoretisch ganz einfach sind, aber wir hatten seit einigen Jahren einen Lehrer der überhaupt nicht erklären konnte und dementsprechend habe ich ein paar sehr große Lücken was meine Mathekenntnisse angeht. Könntest du mir vllt....

  9. Help me by voting for this! Thx

    Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 8:14 AM 0 Comments¶ms=YToyOntzOjI6ImJ5IjtzOjY6IlJvbWluYSI7czoyOiJvbiI7czo4OiJmYWNlYm9vayI7fQ==

  10. What do you think of: Found out there is something That I wanna have joined in. I tried with the greatest ambition To get the parental permisson Too far away, too far away Too far away for just one day So far away, so far away, so far away for just one day First they said no but I didn't gave up I tried to convince them Was sure I could win it... Yeah.......