Nickelback Revenge(iOS) Review

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 1:53 PM By: Calum Canavan

As a Nickelback fan, I was looking forward to playing Nickelback Revenge(A new App in the Tap Tap series). The song list is great. They have chosen a lot of songs from Nickelback’s 2008 album, Dark Horse. There are also some songs from their old-ish albums, but none from the first 2 albums.

Track List
- Animals
- Animals (Live)
- Burn it to the Ground
- Figured You Out
- Gotta Be Somebody
- How You Remind Me
- Photograph
- Rockstar
- Something in Your Mouth
- This Afternoon
- If Today Was Your Last Day

The gameplay is like the other Tap Tap games, where you just tap the note when it arrives. Nickelback Revenge uses a slightly different layout than older Tap Tap games, because the track is flat rather than being a bit tilted. Although the track is not flat on some songs when you go on extreme, like Burn it to the Ground.

Overall: Nickelback Revenge is great fun and has some of Nickelback’s best songs on it and is my personal favourite App right now.

This is a review I posted on my blog back in 2010

  1. Trishao avatar

    On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 6:24 AM, Trishao said:

    My 18 year old son had me download it. Now we keep trying beat each others score. Seems to determine who gets kitchen duty at night too. Maybe someday he will beat me doubt it though, I play on my IPad, he plays on tiny screen on his iPod touch. LoL

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