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Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 2:14 PM By: DanniNB

There is something Brent Smith (Shinedown) said which touched me because my first thought was: He’s right.

He said that rock music isn’t taken serious in the charts. How can it happen that the best rock song is on place 64 (Nickelback)?!? And that’s just the case in America, in Germany, it’s even worse.

One thing is clear to me: This has to be changed!

I loved rock music from the very first moment on and I know that most people don’t hate it, they just don’t care. It wasn’t only once that I presented a rock song in class and it turned out that most of the people recognized how great it was. And this is the point: People stopped caring about the music they listen to. They don’t give a damn. It doesn’t even have to make any sense.

We have to change our way to think about music. We have to feel the passion again that lies within. And that’s what rock music brings across: passion!

So we - as true fans of bands like Shinedown, Nickelback, Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman, Seether, Three Days Hrace, Halestorm, Sick Puppies and all the other great rock musicians out there - WE need to support the rock music because IT IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE ALIVE!!!!


  1. request rock music on your radio station
    buy albums and singles of rock bands legally
    tell your friends and everyone who listens about rock music
    buy and wear merchandise
    show your love of rock music to the whole world

Brent Smith’s words actually challenged me to start this sort of a little campaigne.


  1. Number One Fan avatar

    On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 8:13 PM, Number One Fan said:

    You are so right.....rock music is the best out there.....the people of 2012 all they care about is those mindless party songs that realy dont make any sense....I understand that they set the mood for a party, but the wrong kind of message can easily be sent by these mindless partiers. At least rock singers and writers have experince of what life is and they know how to send a message to help people through tough times and celibrate woth them through the good ones too....I mean over all rock is just better for people ..... :)

  2. LittleWings avatar

    On Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 6:08 PM, LittleWings said:

    Your views are interesting and great for discussion. The charts are weird aren't they. Well for Nickelback at least, they have done well with various awards. "How You Remind Me," from the band's 2001 album "Silver Side Up," peaked at No. 1 on Dec. 22, 2001 and held onto the top spot for four weeks (Billboard Hot 100). I like RIAA's Gold and Platinum certifications for reference points, 54+million albums sold. If Wiki isn't still behind they are the 11th best selling artist of the 2000's. Nickelback's "All The Right Reasons" is up to 8X multi-platinum. The State went Platinum, awesome for an early album. Silver Side Up, The Long Road, All The Right Reasons, and Dark Horse are all multi-platinum. That means something. Nice. Tough to achieve. They did it because they are great. People voted by purchases. I don't much care for professional critic assessments, like movie reviews I think if they don't like it, I am sure I will. Metacritic seems like one the industry relies on for some reason. So for voicing personal opinion, signing up at sites like and and voting for your music preferences can get your point across in a proactive and positive way.

    The radio thing is a little tough as many people use pay radio now and internet geared radio (like Pandora) to avoid junk they don't want to hear... which imposes the problem of rarely being exposed to new things. Beyond that, free radio is handcuffed by PC regulations imposed by gov't standards (FCC maybe? dunno for sure) that decide what is 'appropriate' for people to 'hear'; something that has been a fight since the beginning of rock it seems :) Even a simple request of some tracks will get a denial. Hence some bands cutting a standard and a 'clean' version that can be played on the radio. Dunno that I agree with that at all, it degrades the standard IMO.

    Probably the best thing that could happen is if more of the free radio sector caught up with the times and ran most of their public interfaces by text or twitter. I am finally now hearing more submissions by email... I haven't done much in email or phone for years. I don't know if anybody really does that anymore except radio.

    BUY legally, yeah I agree. But if someone finds a way to convince people to do this they should win the Nobel Peace Prize. So far all I've come up with is to provide lossless recordings only in hard format (CD, vinyl) but the pirates always find a way around all that. Which is crap :( RIAA is helping alot but word of mouth is extremely helpful as alot of people don't know what they're doing. Bottom line is this: by not purchasing, there are alot of musicians that may not be able to afford to fill our ears with candy for very long. Living isn't free, and when you look at what a musician really takes home after all the fees and promotionals are paid out to various company sectors, it's not a whole lot. Maybe like around .17 cents on the dollar. Sucks when you look reality in the face. Try splitting that between 4(+) people at the grocery store (!)

    In the same respect I am tired of losing things due to computer crashes and iTunes telling me that changing my email address negates ownership of everything I purchased under my previous email addys... that encourages the rage factor in me after having purchased the album, CD, then itunes trying to replace things I have owned over the years. I am still waiting for someone to explain Andy Warhol to me, who made fame and fortune off of things created by others. (this will surely bring thunder down on my head!)

    I dunno if anything these days is taken seriously or valued for real worth, as everything is used up and discarded. Rock is a good example, music seems to always be a reflection of what is going on in society. I could sure use an answer for this one.

    As for making sense... some of the very best rock songs never did make sense. Alot of them are just for fun. No doubt about the passion. Agreed!

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