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Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 4:26 PM By: Eve

Although my twin and I are both fans now, we didn't get into Nickelback at the same time. I fell for their music hard at a point in my life when some of their songs were perfect for the tempestuous relationship I was in at the time. My twin took longer, mostly because she was dating a hipster who wouldn't listen to their music at all.

My careful campaign to turn her into a Nickelback fan involved not letting her listen to anything else around me for several months around the time Here And Now came out, which was also around the time she kicked the hipster to the curb. Once she actually started listening to the music and songwriting, she appreciated it. And then some.

Anyway, I was out driving around with my twin sister today. Her iPod was playing something off of Silver Side Up, and she was waxing eloquent about Chad Kroeger's voice and songwriting skills. Then she commented that thanks to my careful campaign, she's loved Nickelback for almost a year.

"Wasn't it around this time of year that you tweeted Nickelback about me turning into a fan," she asked.

evemsullivan Eve S
Watching my twin turn into a @Nickelback fan is awesome. @Lilithiel <3
Dec 27, 8:46 AM via TweetCaster for Android

Nickelback Nickelback
@evemsullivan @lilithiel very cool. Hope to see you both at a show.
Dec 27, 8:49 AM via Twitter for iPhone

Yes, it was (although I've changed my Twitter handle since then).

I would have dragged her to see Nickelback in June 2012 regardless of whether she liked them or not -- but I'm glad she came around to my way of thinking.

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    On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 5:55 PM, Lilithiel said:

    <3 I'm glad you got me into Nickelback.

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