Pit Bull + Bandanna = destoryed

Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 4:08 AM By: Jessie85

So as I'm making my bed I see my Nickelback Dark Horse Tour bandanna I got April 17th 2010 and I smile because I could not find it... It was not where I had put it and right a way i could tell there was wrong on closer inspection I find hug holes, A little under half of it is chewed away... My 9 mth pit bull Baylie had found a new toy.... I was needless to say very mad... Not only is this bandanna irreplaceable (after looking through thousands of posting online for it) It was a gift... I was surprised the morning of April 17th with 3 Tickets to see Nickelback... It was a 2 1/2 hour driver there and back but so worth it... You know you had an amazing time when you wake up the next day hungover and you dint drink or smoke the night before... I couldn't talk for days... you can ask any of my friends what i'd say what asked what was the best concert id very been to and my answer id always Nickelback... Guess there not much I can do but keep looking...

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  1. Pit Bull + Bandanna =...

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