Nickelback's response to P. Carney

Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 7:37 AM By: Ladybluecries

You know what I have come to realize. People say things about other people only to hurt them and to get a reaction out of them. The Black Keys drummer P. Carney told Rolling Stone “Rock and roll is dying because people became O.K. with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world. So they became O.K. with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world id always going to be s***. Nickelback, being so Nickelback just tweeted the best response ever to P. Carney, “Thanks to the drummer in the Black Keys calling us the Biggest Band in the World in Rolling Stone.”
People who have been fans of Nickelback for as long as they have been a group know why they are the biggest rock and roll band in the world. It’s not just the music. I mean music is one of the biggest reasons why they are and always will be in my eyes the world’s greatest rock and roll band in the world. But it’s everything they embodied about rock and roll to. Let’s start with their music. Chad, Daniel, Ryan and Mike have always stuck to their guns on their music and what they wanted it to be. Not only do they write their own songs, and the music for them but they take pride in what they do. Not a lot of artists do now in days. Artist today whether rock, or pop, or rap do what makes them money whether it’s what they want to do or not. Nickelback doesn’t. They stay faithful not only to their fans but to their selves were others just sell out. Nickelback does it strictly for the love of music and the fans of course. We all know they love their fans because we are some of the greatest fans to have.
Music isn’t the only thing that makes Nickelback the biggest rock band in the world. They contribute to many charities and organizations. From pledge for education with Nickelback, to STOMP Out Bullying Nickelback tries to give there all. There biggest charitable work was started by one of their own wife. Ryan P. wife Treana started the Obakki foundation. The Obakki Foundation supports humanitarian causes by finding and nourishing creativity in all pockets of the world. It offers people hope, empowerment and the chance to learn and grow. It’s about giving people the opportunity to be creative; to use thoughts, ideas, art, and fashion to stand up and participate in improving their own lives — and the lives of their family, friends and neighbors. All proceeds go directly into our projects. Not just a percentage of the profits, not just some of the money – every dime goes back to the community.
If all that wasn’t enough to make them not just the biggest rock band in the world, they have always taken the high road. When Detroit started the petition so they couldn’t perform, and now to Mr. P. Carney says this about them, all they ever have done is taken the high road. I commend them and so should. There is always going to be someone out there in this world trying to bring you down with them but they never cave into other people small mindedness. I am very proud to be one of their biggest fans because not only is Nickelback in the words of P. Carney from the Black Keys, “the biggest band in the world”, but they are also the most professional, classiest, and so dang hot rock band that there will ever be. Now I was a fan of the Black Keys, not as much as Nickelback but I did like some of their music. And when this all came out I was so going to delete them from my iPod. But I thought about what Nickelback would say and decided not to, because they wouldn’t want me to not listen to a song of theirs that I like just because of this. So I am going to be a true Nickelbacker and take the high road, like we all should.

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    On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 6:31 AM, Ladybluecries said:

    Thank you plefeavers. I just thought that this needed to be told. And tell all the true Nickelbackers to read this.

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    On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 8:50 AM, plefeavers said:

    Your right. Nickelbacks music seems to come from the heart. They're music has variety. Even the hard rock songs have a great beat. Everyone should read your post. It's very insiteful. And your right they do alot of good but noone sees that and they don't brag about themselves they do it to help. And no they wouldn't want you to delete the Black keys. Just look at how they handled the sitiation of playing the Thanksgiving day game. They know who bashed them yet they didn't bad mouth them or even reveal who it was. I'm there with you as a true Nickelbacker.

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