Thank you Nickelback

Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 9:37 AM By: Ladybluecries

You know this past few months has been really hard for me. I went to the Nickelback concert at Madison Square Garden and it was awesome. It was the best thing ever. When they got on the second stage and flew I was just WOW. I met a lot of cool people like I always do when I go to a Nickelback concert. Some were shocked to realize that I was alone at the concert. Then they started to realize oh she make friends easily. After the concert I got sick. First I should state that I have sickle cell.
When Bush came on stage I started to feel the pain coming on and I ignored it. I mean this was not my first Nickelback concert, more like my 6th. I took my pain pills and thought by the time I go home it will better or I would take some more pain meds. Nickelback came on and I lost my mind. I jumped and danced and sang along with all the songs. After they did Bottom’s up I felt the pain again and this time it was worse. So I took more medicine, no way was I leavening before Nickelback finished their set. Once they finished their encores and people started to leave, I said bye to the people I met there and went and bought a memento to mark the occasion even though I caught one of Chad pics, and I had the VIP package.
I headed back to the train station to go home. My train would be arriving in five minutes so I sat down and waited. I felt nothing a first, I think I was still coming down from the Nickelback high. I know it’s weird to say that but, when I’m down, sad, or anything Nickelback music is like a drug that makes everything better for me. I got on the train and would be back home in less than twenty minutes. I called my boyfriend to let him know I was ok and that I had a great time and was on my way home, when the pain came back with a vengeance. My chest and back was pounding from a pain that is completely indescribable. My boyfriend told me to go straight to the hospital, but I refused and told him that I just needed to relax and sit or lay down because I had been standing for more than six hours straight. I told him I would call him back when I got home because my phone was going to die. My stop was in ten minutes and I was in so much pain. The pain meds I took early didn’t seem to be working.
Two minutes later the pain just doubled and I was bent over on the train balling my eyes out. A conductor came and asked me was I ok, and I told him that I wasn’t that I needed to go to the Emergency room. The next stop was Newark and the conductor called the police and ambulance. By the time we got to Newark I couldn’t even walk, I could barely talk and I just couldn’t stop crying. They took me to Beth Israel Hospital and because I am a frequent visitor to that ER because of my health they knew exactly what to do. After they gave me a few doses of pain medicine the doctor asked me what and how did this attack come on. Then he noticed the Nickelback t-shirt, VIP around my neck and the MSG band on my arm and asked me was I just coming from the concert. I told him yeah, and he said I bet it was worth it to see them. Because I was so out of it from the pain medicine I really didn’t understand.
I had to be admitted because I was still in a lot of pain. I called my family the next day and told them that I was hospitalized after the concert. Most asked me was going to the Nickelback concert worth getting sick and being hospitalized for a week. I told them hell yes. I know a lot of people don’t understand why Nickelback means so much to me and why every time they tour I go to concerts, but I tell them if you listen to the music then you would understand. I later found out that Nickelback was going to be doing a concert in Atlantic City, NJ at the Revel, so I went and bought a ticket and got a hotel room for the weekend. I told my family that I would be out of town because I was going to another Nickelback concert and they all said you’re going to do that again knowing what happened last time. I told them that I would go through it over and over again to see Nickelback and be five feet away from them. Then I told them that going to the concert and hearing there music loud makes me forget all my problems. It makes me forget all the pain I went through when I was a kid and the pain I am going through as an adult. I know they don’t understand why I am a true Nickelbacker, but true Nickelbackers get it. Unfortunately I got sick the night before the concert and I was hospitalized for five days. I told no one because I just didn’t want to hear the remarks and comments about how if I went I would have been in the hospital down there instead of home. Because honestly I wouldn’t even cared if I got sick after the concert because at least I got to see them again before they left the North America to tour other countries.
I’m just hoping that I will get to meet them, to thank them in person for what they do. There music brings me back every time life is too hard to take. And I just hope that one day I can meet them and tell them in person how much what they have been doing over the years mean to me. This last year, I honestly don’t think I would have made it without their music. I’m glad there’s a Nickelback and I hope they never quit doing what they do.

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