And My Dreams Don't Lie

Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 8:20 AM By: MaddieRae

So last night I had the best dream and I died a little bit inside when I woke up. Ya that's how good it was. I dreamed that I was in the front standing row of the Nickelback concert in Vancouver. But not only that I dreamt I was the lucky holder of a M&G pass with my best friend. After the show we walked around backstage hoping to see the guys soon. When I saw dream Chad I thought I was going to have a dream heart attack. Thank goodness this dream is one of the few that I remember. Alkajdflghekljdsf. Good times. I know this sounds really immature and stuff but you know, whoever thinks that can just get out. I fell asleep listening to Lullaby. That song is so beautiful, and it has a deeper meaning for me. I'm saying thank you to Nickelback for making music that makes me feel strong. Thank you to Chad, Daniel, Mike and Ryan.

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