If Everyone Cared

Tue, May 1, 2012 at 1:29 PM By: Alexibelle Nicholson

Why do people have to wait to win the lottery, or get famous, or have the prettiest house and luxuries to feel like they've won in life?
I've seen a lot of happiness, a lot of personal building and self conflict resolution, a lot of love and all kinds of hate... and 90% of it involved people who had experienced none of those things...
I don't think people realize that life only continues to TEST you. 'In school you learn until you're tested; in life you're tested until you learn.'
Sometimes you learn slower than you would like, and sometimes things aren't always easy to answer - sometimes they're really hard to answer - but you always have a choice. From my point of view, the choice is between letting life carry you along in whatever way IT chooses, and deciding that no, YOU want to be in control of where you end up.
The question then becomes, what side are you on and how do you decide?
We are much too small and insignificant in this world to think that winning loads of money, or being known worldwide by our own species, and having more than anyone else does, will really make a difference.
I have very little faith in humanity. 'The greatest threat to humanity,' after all, 'is humaity itself.'

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