Inside The 21 Hour Magnet Window

Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 2:11 PM By: Sound Control 8

There is no need to place any bets when those people who have earned the score in cards 21 exactly. Then into the comparison on the Nickelback website where the 21 magnet helps to claim the points newbie accounts could not possibly own hence the word "new" account. Take this as a no go. Really only one point earned? Agreed!!! One point earned is better than zero points earned. The level of my sound intelligence to earn more points would have to total which combination of integers? For more fun attempts in earning points there is always the random roulette wheel of sound communication. Sound communication, inside of which coordinated efforts of interpersonal communication relationships; existing outside in the environment both verbally and nonverbally, or maybe the sound communication is inside within a group of people, which, the communication exchanges of groups of people would beat me out here too. Social exclusion with in how life sometimes transpires into is communication trended from those other sounds short wave lengths along with long sound wave lengths. Back into the point earning collection fantasy where my first impression in earning 1 point on the Nickelback website evoked a smile, and where my brain is enticed with my natural ability to artistically abstract random thoughts kaleidoscopically into more than one fantasy correlating into a multifaceted communication realm. {{{Are we allowed to freestyle blog?}}} [[[ If not, I will try to tame, control, and outlet pass my communication excursions inside of my mind with this Nickelback dashboard gifted to me upon membership creation. Also, please then consider these brackets in this style of no curvy strokes to be the road side camp ground wayside time out versus penalty box style of communication demerits tallied up with the total of words hoping to not long wind my thoughts too far for some thoughts.]]] (Is my only point taken away for freestyle blogging without permission or blog discourse approval?)

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