My First Concert

Wed, May 9, 2012 at 3:18 PM By: Our_Photograph

Well I'm going to my first Concert. With my sister Jeannine... Her and I never really got along, but this June 12th, at the Energy Solutions Arena, my sister and I will be together yes, but she's taking me to my very first concert. I grew up with my sister in and out of her life, and we never really got along more than be best friends, but we realized, that when she left from little Parowan, that we couldn't' live without each other. I remember when I was just a little thing she'd always take me on care rides, dress me up, and we'd always... ALWAYS play Nickelback songs. That was what I grew up to when I was just a little thing. And with her doing this brings her and I closer than ever together. This is going to be our day. Her husband (Steve) Will be coming along too. He's a pain in my ass, but I love him. You can't really choose your family, but I'm content with mine even though were dis-functional. I'm glad were dis-functional too; because I think I'd rip my hair out of my head if were were cookie cutters. Lol! And I have had a lot of songs that were playing through my life. Like my BEST childhood friend Edward took me to my very first school dance. I never told him I had the worlds biggest crush on his since the fourth grade... And not will I EVER, because that's awkward and he's now in California still with me in Utah. But he took me to my very first school dance. And the only song we ever danced to was Photograph by Nickelback. And I still have the picture of us dancing together that our friend Gavin took. I was so small, and innocent looking. But I hope, and I PRAY, they play Photograph. Because that would be another dream in my life filled. To see Nickelback in Concert, and them play that song... Though there's only one part missing. And that's Eddie bear right next to me when it plays... I guess I can't have it all. But for once I'm getting something I've wanted since I was ten. But this is going to be amazing. Not only am I bringing memories with my sister who I never really hung out with and helped with for the past six years, but also the amazing memory of my best friend and I together in the summer dance, with the flowers around our necks and the hoola skirts and the punch bowls with the beach balls flying around like ping pong balls. Thank you Nickelback... Thank you for the amazing memories that you took part in.

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