Chapter ten, When we stand together

Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 9:08 AM By: Hazard90

This is the tenth part,
Read the ninth part HERE

So we got on the plane to London. Our first holiday with an airplane! We arrived at London and we already went nuts on our hotel view! Looking out on the Olympic park! Just a couple of stops away from the center and the stadium for our Match! Everything was perfect so far! Still I had to keep one thing hidden from her. And my thoughts went crazy thinking on what time was the best time to give this surprise to her. So I decided to keep it a secret as long as possible and reveal it on the concert day itself. My plan is to go to the Wembley tour, walk out and be like, Look honey there are a lot of people there. What is going on there? So we will walk over there and we would see a sign which says NICKELBACK or something else that would show Nickelback is playing there that night.
Unfortunately this plan got shaken by a lot of things. First of all my girlfriend is extremely nosy, so she was already asking what we were going to do on the Monday after the tour. I told her that we could take a few drinks somewhere in a pub. She accepted this idea and so it shall be. That Sunday we were supposed to meet Harry, our buddy in the UK, so we kept contacting each other about where to meet at what time. All of the sudden he calls me to tell that he isn't going to make it because of maintenance from the trains. We were sad when we heard it so we started planning over and over. Then the question came "What are you doing Monday evening"? I'm like, you know what's happening then. So I was struggling to find the right words to hide my surprise but still let Harry know what I'm talking about. But I didn't manage to tell it to him without spoiling that I had something planned that night. I will tell her later that night what is happening, she's excited about what we're going to do. She should know what is coming to her.

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