Sweatest Dreams

Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 10:48 AM By: NickelHeart

After mine and my sister's La concert with Nickelback we haven't had that much sister time so we started going to the park and working out every day in the evening so we can get in shape and to help me train for Soccer and since then I have never slept better and I think it's helping my sleeping and dreams be more healthier (if that makes sense) And to keep me motivated i'm starting an exercise blog/ weightloss blog to help me stay motivated....Anyways back to my dream now it started off as a Flashback me and my sis at the concert but after it was over and we were driving home It turned into EVERY WOMAN'S NICKELBACK FANTASY....Chad Kroeger appeard in the car with a "Hey".... I WAS BAFFLED and soo nervous but I over came it and said "Hey" back xD from then it was easy talking and flirting like a fearless pro then I showed him a letter I worte after that he flashed me HIS AMAZING "TRUE, GENUINE" SMILE and to go with it an amazing,but unexpected kiss....makes my heart flutter talking about it I'm just like why does it have to be a dream...After that within a flash on another piece of paper i got his NUMBER!! (stopped dead right there lol) with his name signed by it to make it official then he made cute short but sweat note on the side and autographed it again...I got a breif snuggle by him and as fasst as he came he left I absolutly went Ga-ga in my dream showing eveyone I knew in there it was amazing!!!! Gosh if ony it wern't a dream :3.........Sorry guys I just had to share it. it was BY FAR WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST DREAM I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I LOVE NICKELBACK haha gotta play their music cause I haven't in a while and let all my " I MISS YOU" tension out...Golly I sure wouldn't mind haing another dream like that soon especially if Chad shows up again!!

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