Awesome birthday!

Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 5:02 AM By: FrankieBug

I had an awesome birthday on saturday! the relay was ace and heaps of fun even though i have very stiff legs now and a blistered nose from sunburn haha :) - we had a bit of a heat wave here and i only had SPF 15 sun cream :/ haha - the relay was on an full sized athletics track and i must of went round about 50 or more times over the 24 hours since i stayed up the whole night haha :) at one point me and two others were on the track for 4 hours straight haha, we were just hopping round and dancing it was ace :P I got lots of happy birthday messages too because my mum bought me a sash thing to wear so everyone knew hahah and a flashing badge :P
By the time i got home i had been up for 29 hours and just collapsed on the sofa for a few hours :P I made sure i was up to watch the Andy Murray game though! so glad i saw it! it was ace!!! Such an ace guy and player! :D
I got loads of ace presents too! i got a watch, a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, money, a top, a purse, a cute ornament, chocolate and a trip to Canada :D :D don't worry it's not all from my parents haha i'm not that spoilt :P i am getting a new phone next week though because my one is duffed after for years :P
So that was my eventful weekend haha, anyone else do anything exciting?

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