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  1. Hello! It's me Marley again! I'm doing pretty good right now! :) Haven't posted a blog for a long long while now but I will right now. Started 7th grade 6 weeks ago and it's going great! The problem is, is that its hard! Too much homework. I do know that Halloween is coming up and I am going to be a wolf! ^_^ I am always busy on facebook!

  2. OMG! i want to go to a nickelback concert this year so badly! The closest they will get is Houston Texas on June 2nd. (the day right after my last day of school) I told/asked my mom and dad if i could go. i said we could go to my grandparents house and spend the night there and my dad could take me to the concert. they both said no:( then i counted up all my money i have now and what i will...

  3. Oh my gosh! nickelback blew it!!! they just blew my mind forever! the soundcheck was epic! (yall might have saw this a million times already from me somewhere else:P) but surprisingly i loved the interview the best. it just, makes me feel like a better person. they talked of what some of the songs mean, why they named their album "Here And Now", etc. but, most of all, it was touching. its...

  4. NICKELBACK/"friends"

    Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 5:16 PM 8 Comments

    i have a problem. my friends dont like me as much for many things: They get annoyed alot just for me loving Nickelback. they are my best friends though, i dont want to loose them. but, i dont know what to do. i love nickelback and i love my friends, but the thing is, nickelback's music helped me get through things, help me make decisions, help me with feelings, etc... so, i mostly go with...


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